Hello ladies and gentlemen and members of the social network "IN CONTACT" ! 

I Grand Thailand ! 

My name is W. My Russian friends and the course call me enough.

Welcome to my little ser shop-buying.

(Check the Official Pattaya city hall ) 

Here, you can always sell to provide you Padang and new things, and also put on Commission.

And buy cheap, what you interest.

In General, conventional buying and selling.

์As I am always happy to help you set and spoil to provide assistance on many issues, I swear with the rest and post the save in Thailand .

If you do not find the product you need in my store, you can always leave the order. I will inform you once it appear.

When buying from 1000 bat delivery within Central Pattaya for free. 

I'm on the corner and a little bit Russian. 

My contacts : 

VIBER : +66 8 2200 8199

Whats App : + 66 8 2200 8199 

Mobile : 09 1355 4775

06 3850 9810